Growth Through Digital

Digital technology has brought about a quantam change in the way business function and more and more businesses are reorganising their companies to reach markets, create new experiences for their customers, change consumption habits and quantify return on investments. New approaches are involving which will allow customer intreactions to get tracked at every concieavable touch-point whether they are e-mailing, connecting on social media or making an order.

What's more, Digital marketing encompassess Web and mobile presence, website, microsites, landing pages, mobile websites, mobile apps, conversion rate optimization, search marketing (organic or paid), email marketing, Social Media Marketing, facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Instagram, ORM, Content Marketing, Digital assets, e-book, info-graphic, video games, mobile apps, Affiliate Marketing - the list goes on and on. As television and internet converge, video will gain huge importance. The mobile screen has almost become the preferred screen now, surpassing television and PC.

Conventional marketing approaches are not adequate for digital marketing and it calls for a new understanding of customer's psyche. Marketers have to analyse and quantify the value of tweets in twitter, likes on facebook and downloads of applications on mobile devices to effectively reach out and make an impact on consumers.

The present age is Digital. Comprehensive knowledge on consumer behaviour and existing business trends has become easily accessible today through digital platforms. Every action has now become deeper, cheaper, engaging, intreactive, quantifiable in comparison with the traditional media. Data has become a true business driver. Organisers can use Digital marketing as an effective tool to give an upward thrust to efficiencies, product sale and revenue generation. Digital content thus offers the oppurtunity to disseminate and receive communication from far wider spectrum than just 360 degrees.

Conference Schedule

23rd August, 2014